Emergency Management Services (EMS)

Expert Planning for Real-Time Responsiveness

The prospect of disaster is often too abstract to plan for, but what if you could know potential effects before they even happen? Imagine if you could know which facilities are damaged and to what extent, where flooding and debris make roads impassable, which signals are damaged, what hospitals were no longer accepting patients, and even the location of all fire and police personnel. Now, imagine all of this information – and more – in a single, real-time situation map that is accessible within a few hours of the disaster.

At Metric Engineering, we help our clients through all aspects of an emergency. Our modeling and simulation services allow government agencies to test "what-if" scenarios without the cost and time required for live simulations, deployments, and tests. And after an event has occurred, our multi-disciplined workforce helps with damage assessment, recovery, and even procuring reimbursements.

Through the years, we've managed hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency contracts for the Florida DOT in some of the nation's largest storms. We're poised for dealing with the whole disaster lifecycle, from mitigation planning and debris monitoring to grant application and management.


Emergency Preparedness Program Development
Comprehensive Hazard Mitigation Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning
ITS & Technology Solutions
GIS/Modeling/Backup Communications & Data Services
Pre-Event Policy & Strategy Consultations
Situational Awareness & Readiness Planning
Transportation & Evacuation Planning Assistance
Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessments


Coordination Assistance With Local, State, & Federal Agencies
Supply & Equipment Logistics
Mobile Command & Control Center
Debris Monitoring & Removal Management
Funding Identification & Recovery Grant Assistance & Management
Post-Disaster Policy & Strategy Consultations
Evaluation Of Losses Avoided Through Mitigation
FEMA Modeling For Loss Estimation
Public Involvement & Educational Services


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