Transportation System Management & Operations (TSM&O)

Convergence of Technology-Driven Solutions with Proven Safety Applications

As roads reach maximum capacity, improving efficiency in the face of right-of-way restrictions, environmental considerations, and budgetary constraints can be a difficult task. We have significant experience working in all aspects of TSM&O – a blend of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), signal retiming, advanced traffic operations design and studies – particularly with an eye for the future such as Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) programs and Connected Vehicles (CV)/Automated Vehicles (AV). We understand how important it is to champion TSM&O strategies and folding Operations & Maintenance (O&M) considerations back into planning efforts. As the developer of 10+ ITS/TSM&O Master Plans in the last five years, we continue to partner with statewide clients by helping them plan, develop, update, and implement the state’s key TSM&O initiatives while supporting long-term goals such as CV and ICM. We offer unmatched stakeholder coordination and promotion of trust between transportation agencies through our well-established relationships with key maintaining agencies.

We are a full-service, ITS consultant with the experience to plan, design, build, inspect, and integrate even the most complex ITS networks. We help our clients monitor and manage traffic flow, reduce travel times and congestion, provide alternate routes to travelers, minimize the number of accidents, improve emergency response times, increase productivity and return on investment, and even save lives. Metric understands the importance of championing TSM&O strategies and folding Operations & Maintenance (O&M) considerations back into planning efforts. We effectively identify opportunities for technology-based improvement/unique solutions including recommended capital improvements (enhancing mobility, safety, and work zone management) to the planning departments. We plan, design and integrate communications infrastructure (redundancy, resiliency, and connectivity) via fiber optic cable and wirelessly (depending on geometric conditions and cost considerations) and install ITS/ATMS devices or intersection improvements for enhanced mobility and monitoring as well as CV technologies and applications.


Advanced Traffic Monitoring Systems (ATMS)
Freeway Management Systems (FMS)
Ramp Signaling / Metering
All-Electronic Tolling (AET)
Express Lanes / Managed Lanes
Traffic Monitoring Cameras & Devices
Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) Communications


Intersection Improvements / Median Modifications
Signalization – Hybrid, HAWKs, Mast Arm Repair or New Installation
Signing, Pavement & Marking (S&PM) – Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markers
Pedestrian & Bicycle Systems – Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)


Signal Retiming & Diversion Plans
Transit Signal Priority (TSP)
Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)
Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT)
Signal Phasing and Timing (SPaT)
Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM)


Bottleneck Study
Before & After Analysis
Signal Warrant Analysis
Intersection Analysis
Roadway Safety Audit (RSA)
Arterial Study
Composite Study
Roundabout Analysis
Travel Time & Delay
Safe Routes to School
Data Collection

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