FDOT District 5 ICM TMC Operations

District 5 ICM TMC Operations

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TMC Operations


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Our team provides management and operational services to FDOT, District Five, Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) System. Our staff actively works to modernize, maintain, and enhance the TSM&O System in D5. By connecting to external systems, such as local agencies for the purpose of improving safety and optimizing utilization of capacity, we are able to maximize and enhance traveler’s mobility in real time. Our qualified technical and professional personnel follow state and districtwide standards and procedures to manage these systems.

Employees are responsible for providing services such as monitoring traffic conditions via 3rd party applications, viewing CCTVs, monitoring Vehicle Detection Systems (VDS), managing lane and non-lane blocking incidents for effective dissemination of traveler information to the public via Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and Florida’s 511 Advanced Traveler Information System.  When incidents occur, our staff dispatches Road Ranger Service Patrol, Asset Maintenance Contractors, and other incident management resources in an effort to improve roadway clearance times.

Coordination with local agencies for diversion route implementation has been a major spotlight in advancing D5 operations as a way to marry freeway and arterial operations into one, known as Integrated Corridor Management (ICM).  Our team supports interagency coordination with neighboring TMCs in an effort to provide extra awareness to motorists on DMS before major decision making points in one’s travel.  Monitoring and operating FDOT/CFX‘s System, ATMS, providing technological support, and implementing diversion routes, are among the incredible jobs our team provides daily in a 24/7 operation.  We look forward to our new opportunities in expanding operations in D5 by adding Express Lane Operations, Ramp Signaling Operations, and Connected Vehicle Operations in upcoming months.

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