Project Development and Environment (PD&E)

Balancing Technical Issues, Economics, Ecological Needs, and Social Considerations

A PD&E Study is a comprehensive study that evaluates technical issues, economics, ecological needs, and social considerations associated with the proposed transportation improvements so that clients can reach a decision on the type, location and conceptual design to meet a project’s proposed purpose and need. Our professionals have worked on 50+ PD&Es including 15 within the last five years. Our variety of clients include Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Expressway Authorities, and multiple municipalities.

We believe economic and infrastructure development can exist side-by-side with conservation efforts. From congested urban corridors to environmentally sensitive rural facilities, we help our clients balance all aspects that go into a project while delivering all the facts through innovative public outreach tools. We build consensus between all stakeholders with the goal of acceptance and getting improved facilities built to connect communities.


National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
Statewide Environmental Project Tracker (SWEPT)
Air Quality/Noise Analysis Reports
Wetland Delineation & Reports
Contamination Screening & Reports
Biological Species Identification & Reports
Permit Coordination


Agency Coordination
Neighborhood Coordination
Literature Development & Communications
Public Meeting & Workshop Development
Innovative Public Outreach Tools


Preliminary & Final Engineering Reports
Access Management Reports
Future Traffic Forecasting & Analysis
Data Collection (Drone usage)
Corridor Analysis & Studies
Hydrologic & Drainage Reports
Interchange Access Requests (IJR, IMR, IOAR, SIMR)
Section 4(f) Impact Analysis
Feasibility Studies
Alternative Corridor Evaluation Study (ACE)

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