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Metric Engineering, Inc. is a full-service firm with expertise to deliver any project from concept to beyond completion, with a focus on applying future technologies for the safety and convenience of today’s travelers.

45+ Years of Successful Project Delivery

Local Presence,
Large Company Resources

We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence in every step – our multi-disciplinary workforce and strategically located regional offices enable us to provide maximum local responsiveness along with a diversified technical base.

Our motto? We're only as good as our last project.

We take pride in on our ability and expertise to deliver all facets of the project life-cycle from planning, study, design, integration, operations, construction management, inspection, operations, to maintenance.



Total Projects

45 years of experience led by the most qualified industry experts.


Total Value of Services


Districtwide/Continuing Services Contracts

Ability to handle concurrent task work orders without sacrificing quality.
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We are proud to incorporate technology advancements in transportation – inspiring the new generation of industry professionals.

Stay Up To Date

See What's New

We are proud to incorporate technology advancements in transportation – inspiring the new generation of industry professionals.

From Simple to Complex Projects

Innovating & Evolving


We combine a rural-to-urban experience with accelerated delivery and a proven record of being accurate.

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We bring knowledge and familiarity of traditional CEI coupled with specialized expertise in Traffic Operations/ITS CEI procedures/policies

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In our search for proactive solutions, we partner the latest technologies with the industry's top engineers.

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Streamline workflow, increase productivity, and facilitate the sharing of information across an organization. 

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TMC Operations

We are a full-service consultant who can design, build, inspect, and integrate complex ITS networks.

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We support all departments including Planning, Planning and Environmental Office (PLEMO), Work Program, Traffic Operations, Maintenance offices and more.

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With 30 years of experience, we can interweave infrastructure development with conservation efforts. 

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We are paving the way by providing design services to further enhance roadway systems.
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Metric Engineering provides support for environmental permitting and all related issues along with ecological consulting services.

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Emergency Management Services

Our modeling services allow for testing of "what-if" scenarios without the cost and time of live simulations.

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What has stayed the same over the years is that we’re human beings. We still need to be recognized, we need to be taken care of... we need to be listened to. If you can really take that as a challenge, we can change the world if we really want.

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