Hispanic Voices at Metric: Adriana Gonzalez

September 27, 2022

National Hispanic Heritage month is observed from September 15th to October 15th to celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of immigrants and American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. In honor of this month, we want to put a light on the amazing Hispanic men and women at Metric!

Our first interview was with Adriana Gonzalez, Brand Manager.

Her family immigrated to Tampa in 2002 from Venezuela, where her parents worked hard to build their business from the ground up. They strived to give her and her sister the best possible education and opportunities that at the time weren’t available in Venezuela.

“We had to learn a new language, make new friends, and integrate into an entirely different culture. There were hard times of not feeling like we quite fit in, but ultimately the sacrifice our parents made to give us a better future put my sister and I on the career paths we are today.”

Adriana Gonzalez

Read the rest of our interview below:

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

AG: “Hispanic Heritage is a chance to reflect on what the Hispanic experience is, learning about other cultures and sharing about my own.”

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

AG: “For me, it’s Hispanic Heritage month every month! We are always making Hispanic foods like perico and arepas for breakfast, Mexican food nights with friends, Cafecito at the office. We take every chance we get to carry on our culture.”

What do you enjoy/appreciate about Hispanic culture and traditions?

AG: “THE FOOD! Wow, our food is delicious! Also, the music and the dancing. Nothing boosts my mood like finding salsa or merengue on a local station, rolling the windows down and turning up the music here in Miami!”

What is a Hispanic tradition you wish to pass down, that your family has passed down to you?

AG: “We have Christmas on Christmas Eve! So, we always opened presents at midnight on the 25th, which was sooo much fun as a kid! On New Years Eve, we eat 12 grapes before midnight and make a wish for the upcoming year as we eat each one. I love those traditions of positivity and hope.”

What do you feel people should be aware of, as a Hispanic person in your industry?

AG: “Being Hispanic in Miami is such a unique experience. It feels like home for me. I automatically speak Spanish wherever we go, but that’s not always the experience for other Hispanic people in this country. I hope people value the richness, warmth, work-ethic, and color that our Hispanic community brings to this beautiful land we now call home!”

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