State Road 29 from I-75 to Oil Well Road

State Road 29 from I-75 to Oil Well Road

Service(s) Provided



FDOT District 1

Project Dates

2017 – Present


$1.7 Million

This project area follows SR 29 through some of the most important conservation lands in Florida and runs between Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and Big Cypress Natural Preserve. The existing roadway contains 4 wildlife underpasses linking these conservation lands and borders a major canal that affects regional drainage patterns. The project area also includes privately owned lands used for cattle, agriculture, and mining. SR 29 is currently a two-lane highway with substantial truck traffic and growing safety concerns. The adjacent lands are vital to the conservation of many listed species, contain wetlands of the highest quality, and are Section 4(f) resources. In order to identify other important resources and apply the best available science, Metric created an Environmental Advisory Group that included members from USFWS, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, the National Parks Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife, and other environmental non-profit organizations. Input was also sought from other stakeholders extensive coordination occurred regarding drainage. This project is temporarily on hold but is expected to continue and be further developed in the near future.

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