Metric Appoints Executive VPs

December 20, 2021

Metric Appoints Executive VPs

Metric Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Executive Vice Presidents Dale Cody, P.E., P.T.O.E., Robert Linares, P.E., and Darrel Burnett, P.E.  “As we look ahead to fostering growth and further solidifying our relationships with our clients and partners, I am thrilled to share the news of three well-earned promotions within the Metric family,” states CEO Veronica Benitez.  According to Benitez, these appointments reflect a natural progression of our organization, with each member of the executive management team ideally positioned to zone in on their respective expertise to further grow Metric’s key service lines. 

As Executive VP of Traffic Operations and ITS, Dale Cody will continue to build on his successful development of these groups with an emphasis on new and emerging technologies, which he championed not only within Metric, but within the state of Florida during his almost 20-year tenure with the firm.

Serving as Executive VP of Transportation, Robert Linares will provide the experience and attention needed to grow the PD&E/Planning, Environmental, and Roadway Design service lines, having been at the forefront of PD&E in Florida, and working intimately with transportation design, since joining Metric 22 years ago.

As Executive VP of CEI, Darrel Burnett will utilize his 17 years of successful management of the North Florida CEI department to the rest of the firm, as he recently began helming CEI services for the entire state of Florida.

“In addition to being known experts in their fields, Dale, Robert, and Darrel know Metric well…they have progressed from VPs to Senior VPs, and now as Executive VPs, are in prime positions to work towards maximizing our opportunities in Florida, as well as looking to expand into other areas,” adds Benitez.  “With renewed focus and continued passion for what we do, I am certain that the Metric team will together achieve our goals for the future.”

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