Amy Wiwi, GISP

Vice President, Northwest Florida Regional Manager



Amy Wiwi,  GISP – Vice President, Northwest Florida Regional Manager | 20+ Years of Experience

Amy Wiwi has been with Metric since 2000 and is located in Metric’s Chipley, FL office.  She serves FDOT District 2 and 3 and surrounding Cities/Counties in addition to statewide clients. Over her career, she has led numerous Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Studies as well as Systems Planning, Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based contracts. She currently manages Metric’s North Florida Planning Services working in the field of Systems Planning, Digital Data Development and Mapping, emergency management and Statistics incorporating new technologies into FDOT planning services. Her group is one of the leading providers of Systems Planning/RCI services in the State of Florida and looks to continue Metric’s support of the Departments Planning and Maintenance offices for years to come.

Amy’s goal growing up was to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine.  After graduating from UF in 1996 with her BS, Amy continued her education while working in the Food and Meat Science industry at both UF and private research facilities, with no consideration of any other career path.  A fateful decision in 1998 to move home for a few months while she explored the DVM programs at a variety of schools found her working as an intern at Metric where she was involved in her first PD&E study.  She enjoyed the work so much, she changed her major to Environmental Engineering and decided to pursue her MEES, returning to UF the following Fall.  She did not completely leave her roots, though, and also received a minor in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and continues to assist her family in their farming operations today.

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