Charles Stratton

Vice President, Central Florida Regional Manager



Charles B. Stratton III – Vice President, Central Florida Regional Manager | 30 years of experience

Charles Stratton started Metric in 1998 and currently serves as a Vice President and Central Florida Regional Manager overseeing all ITS Production, Integration, Inspection, and Operations. Early in his career, he led the construction management and administration of roadway and ITS CEI projects; with more than 20 ITS CEI projects completed Statewide. To date, he has overseen or managed hundreds of millions of dollars in ITS design, integration, inspection, and network efforts. Additionally, Mr. Stratton currently assists with Metric’s Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Team facilitation statewide (and in Puerto Rico) between multiple Districtwide (DW) contracts. In recent years, he serves as Metric’s Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, overseeing all Production submittals and ensuring deliverables are up to standard, submitted correctly and on-time.

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