Manny Benitez, PE



Manny Benitez, PE – Chief Financial Officer

A Metric veteran, Manny began his career at Metric over 35 years ago in the firm’s South Florida Production office.  Upon returning to the firm in July 2014, Manny brought with him a wealth of transportation engineering design experience, mostly in complex highway and bridge projects.  He has served in various professional and senior managerial capacities throughout his career.  According to Chairman of the Board, Victor M. Benitez, “It was truly a blessing to welcome Manny home to the Metric family.  He has developed into an accomplished, experienced engineer, demonstrating intuitive leadership ability.”  In 2015, Manny was appointed President of Metric, serving in that capacity for seven years, until transitioning to Chief Financial Officer in February 2022.  As CFO, Manny will utilize his engineering and financial management experience to better position the firm for future growth, including providing direct oversight of the finance and project accounting departments, and leading initiatives to support Metric’s Project Managers.  Manny earned his BCSE degree from Purdue University, his MSCE degree from University of Kansas, and is a Professional Engineer in the State of Florida.

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