I-75 Express Lanes ITS/Toll Integration Design-Build

I-75 Express Lanes ITS/Toll Integration Design-Build

Service(s) Provided



FDOT District 4

Project Dates

05/30/15 – 07/08/2019



Metric is providing ITS design services for the ITS network, fiber optic trunkline and fiber optic drops to the I-75 toll system and for the ITS Express Corridor within the project limits of Segments C, D and E (20 miles total). As part of the design, Metric is also reviewing all the DBF related submittals and provide written comments to the Department. The design review for Segments A&B, C, D and E includes: ITS/Tolling and Signing Plans (RFC or latest version), Shop Drawings, Requirement of RFP, Plans Revisions and Power System/voltage drop documentation. Other services include Post Design, Test Plan Development, Network Integration Services, Testing/Acceptance, CEI Oversight Services, Meetings (Design/System Integration Related and more) and Permitting. Those overall I-75 Express Lanes Project segments:

  • Segments A&B: I-75 from north of NW 170th Street in Miami-Dade County to south of
    Miramar Parkway.
  • Segment C: I-75 from south of Miramar Parkway to south of Sheridan Street.
  • Segment D: I-75 from south of Sheridan Street to north of Griffin Road.
  • Segment E: I-75 from north of Griffin Road to I-595.
  • District Six I-75 / SR 826 Express Lanes Project from SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) to
    north of NW 170th Street in Miami-Dade County.
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