SR 292 (SR 173 to SR 727)

SR 292 S.R. 173 (Blue Angel Pkwy.) to S.R. 727 (S. Fairfield Dr.)

Service(s) Provided



FDOT District 3

Project Dates

September 2017 – Present


$1.5 Million

This PD&E Study on SR 292 (Sorrento Rd./Gulf Beach Hwy.) in Escambia County analyzed widening SR 292 from a two-lane undivided to a four-lane divided urban typical section, with bike lanes and sidewalks, to link Blue Angel Parkway with Navy Boulevard. The project area contained an active bald eagle nest, potential habitat for listed species, freshwater wetlands and salt marsh. SR 292 also crosses a tidally influenced waterway, requiring an easement over Sovereign Submerged Lands. The project area contained many potentially contaminated sites that were evaluated and assigned risk ratings to guide additional investigations.

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