Connected Vehicles (CV) Deployment

Connected Vehicles (CV) Deployment

Service(s) Provided



Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE)

Project Dates

03/19/2020 - 01/26/2022



As a Task Work Order under Metric’s FTE DW Continuing Services ITS Consultant contract, Metric is performing stakeholder coordination through industry outreach, as well as the design analysis and the preparation of final construction plans and specifications for the deployment of CV technology devices on Turnpike system facilities. The design and development of these construction documents will be based on the CV Readiness Study and
Implementation Plan developed in a previous TWO (by Metric), which identified potential deployment projects. The locations of the CV technology device installations being designed under this TWO will be along the Beachline (SR 528) from MP 0 – MP 8 and along the Turnpike Mainline (SR 91) from MP 255 (Orlando South Interchange) to MP 267 (SR 408 Interchange). Roadside CV devices are anticipated to be installed wherever possible on Existing Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) poles, and signal mast arms. The work includes field reviews, industry coordination and information sharing, CV- related vendor collaboration for OBU/RSU devices and equipment solutions, perform Radio Frequency (RF) survey, utility and environmental coordination, and develop an overall final CV Deployment Report.

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